Birth Pains.
Terrorism at the World Trade Center, that horrible, mind numbing disaster should push the veil from our eyes. We must demand that the Mid East Dictators and Mullahs act, without delay, to humanly address the economic and social needs of their own fundamentalist society. Otherwise, we will be ultimately overwhelmed and collapsed by the press of the sheer numbers of brainwashed, mentally poisoned, and economically deprived people being driven westward by their masters.

If the modern Fundamentalist movement westward is not aborted, it will make the Ghengis Kahn's excursions early in history, veritable cakewalks.
Until this latest massive terrorist incident,we had pointedly ignored the "Patriarchal Society... of Mid East Mullah's and Dictators". They control unlimited sums of money from the sale of mideast oil, keep their women at home making babies...(about 8 to a woman).... and leave the masses in refugee camps where the only satisfying food for consumption is nothing more than propaganda. The Fundamentalist Leaders brainwash and inculcate into their adherents and believers that... True Muslims can only receive happiness with heaven. The male martyr will acquire a palace and 70 concubines for his personal use... But only if they die fighting infidels.

Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and the rest, have billions in oil revenues that should be directed into an infrastructure to sustain their populations. Yet, the Mullahs and the Dictators maintain power by having the uneducated masses as well as all those being schooled, stirred up with hatred of Israel the democracy closest at hand, the United States, and all western religions and democracy everywhere. With a population of over one billion, burgeoning, and mentally poisoned population in their refugee camps, demoniac people will fan out... Beyond Israel to Europe and the United States, any where there is a democratic infra structure. The depressed really have no option but to spread out, as would starving locusts,into western countries to forage for sustenance. The Christian Judeo culture will be the future terrorist battlefields. Women, in particular, had better be especially vigilant. Female equality,suffrage, and the concept of equal opportunity for every individual, is under siege along with our other dogma and beliefs. Perhaps the sheer savagery of these recent acts will finally force us to address the whole problem headon.


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