Current wars: more than a 1000 deaths per year and the perpetrators who threaten the "Free World"
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Kashmir/India/Pakistan 1947-65-71- Talks since1989-
Lahore declaration 99
Hindus vs Moslem/Azaadi
Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)
Territorial and Independance 65,000 deaths (Kashmiris)
Ethiopia/Eritrea 1998-now Eritrea vs Ethiopia Border dispute, sea access
border line drawn by Italy
More than 50,000
Chechnya/Russia 1994-1996-
Wahabi (Sufi) Islamic movement vs Russia Issues: Oil, Independance, Religion war 94-96:80,000
45,000 Chechens trapped in Grosny
212 Russian killed by bombs in Moscow
Deads: over a 1000 ?
with foreign intervention
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Colombia 1964-Now Government: Conservative and Liberal parties
and militias & 2,000 US army (drug war) vs
Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionarias deColombia (FARC)
Ejercito de Liberation National (ELN)Union Patrica
Party (UP) Popular Army of Liberation (EPL)
Ressources, democracy, privileges, drugs
Demands of guerillas: Call for agrarian reform
Democratization, protection of natural ressources
from multi-national corporations
over 45,000
1- 99 to Sept.99:1,299
Democratic Congo 8/99 7 Countries:Congo,Namibia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda
Zambia, Mozambic
Laurent Desiree Kabila and Congo Armed Forces (FAC)
vs Alliance of the Democtratic
Forces of Congo (AFDL)
also 2 ethnicities: Balendus vs Wahimas
1.5 billion of dollars in US arms and military training
during the cold war (50-89) power and control of ressources
8,000 since last August(BBC)
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Sudan 1983-now the Moslem of the north vs the native African
Christian and Animists in the south, In Soudan
300 languages, 500 tribes.
Govt.of Omar Hassan Ahmad el Bechir, National Islamic Front
vs Popular Army for the liberation of Sudan(APLS) Force Alliance of Sudan (FAS)
oil, water, land, religion, government power over 1 Million and half deaths, 4.5 mllion displaced
Congo 1993- Northern vs Southern Ethnicity/2 political factions 2,000-3000
Angola 1960-1997 Government vs UNITA ethnicity &economic 350,000
Somalia 1982- Rival clans for govt. control   30,000
Algeria 1991- now Government versus Islamic Salvation Front (FIS)
& Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
control of power and resources 75,000 people
civil war
late 1970- Government. vs Taliban and other factions:
National Islami Movement led by Dastam
Govt. control, poverty, over 1 Million
Sri-Lanka ("Vani") 1978- Governmentof President Chandrika Bandaranaike
Kumaratunga vs Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE)
independent North and South 50,000;
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Liban (Lebanon)/Israel 3/14/1978- Libanese resistance forces:Hezbollah,
Amal Lebanese Shi'i party and militias
vs Israeli Defence Forces(IDF)
South Libanon Army(SLA)
land, economy, security thousands
Turkey/Northern Iraq/Iran 1961- Turkish govt.versus Kurdish factions
Kurdish Workers's Party (PKK)
self determination, justice, equality over 120,000
Ethiopia 1974-1988 1989-1994 Govt of Prime minister Meles Zenavi vs
Oromo Liberation Front (FLO) also inter ethnic battles
between Gedeo and Oromo-Gugi
Democracy, poverty over 3,000 death (A I)
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Mexico /Chiapas   Government versus Zapatistas/Mayan Indians land/poverty  
USA vs poor people   mostly African American
shooting each others and others
inner cities
poverty, alienation, arms proliferation 9,360 people killed by hand guns in 1998
Myanmar/Burma 1984-now in the East
Karen Separatists, Moslems &Military
Political rights over 9,000 people
Peru 1981-94- Shinning Path vs govert. land reforms, privileges, poverty 25,000
Chad 1965-88 Govt. versus Muslim separatists
Moslem North /vs Christian,
Anemist South
Uganda 1980- Lord's Resistance Army vs Governm Army
Governm vs Acholi, Langi tribes
Political control over 100,000
Nigeria/Cameron 1994-96 Muslim fundamentalist vs Christians
and non fundamentalist Muslims
control of resources  
Indonesia/Western Borneo   Settler vs Native
Moslem vs Christian
South China Seas 98-99 Chinese vs Philippines oil, land  
Kenya     Ethnic strife 0ver a hundred killed there
India /South East   Maxalites    
Pakistan   Clashes/Mohajirs    
China/North West/Sinkiang   Uighurs people/ Government independance, chinese migration;  
India/Tripura:North East   Native vs Bangali immigrant independance, autonomie for Tripura  
Central African Republic January 99     Army mutinee killed 32 people
Comoro Islands(Fr.)
Anjouan /Moheli
invasion of Anjouan
98-99   Land  
Western Eritrea   Eritrean Liberation forces supported by Soudan small rebellion  
Armenia-Azerbaijan 1988-1994 Armenia (Christian)vs Azerbajan(Moslem) control of Nagorno-Karabath territory 30,000
Egypt 1992-1994 Islamic fundamentalists vs Government Government control 100's
Cambodia 1979-97 Kmer Rouge vs Royalists Party Democratic of Kampchua
vs Coalition Government
25,000 vietnameses soldiers
Peace process
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Israel/Palestine 1947-now Israeli government vs Palestine national
movements: PLO, Hammas
Security, land, water, secular vs religious state Madrid, Oslo, Wye agreements
Sierra Leone Feb 98-99 President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah Government and
private miliitas & West Africain forces(ECOMOG) vs Revolutionary United Front(RUF)
Armed force Revolutionary Council(AFRC)
  50,000 deaths, 570,000 refugiees
Cyprus / Turkey /Greece     no agreement yet
Peace treaty
Basque 1970-"total indefinite truce" Basque Sparatist Movement(ETA)
vs French and Spanish Govt.
Self determination and independance  
Senegal/ Southern area:
Casamance region
Independance Movement of Democratic Forces
of Casamance (MFDC)
Peace agreements
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Northern Ireland vs U.K. 1969-1998 Good Friday Agreement Irish Republican Army, UVF,UFF vs Bristish government Land, religion and class more than 3,250 since 69
Indonesia versus East Timor 1974-now Revolutionary Front For an Independant Timor
Fretilin vs Governement of Indonesia
independance, territory 100,000
Bosnia Bosnia vs Serbia land, ressources,ethnicity Dayton Agreement  
Bangladesh 1971- Government vs Hill Tribes
Chittagong Hill Tracts People Association/Shanti Bahani (Peace Force)
Bengali colonisation of Chakmalands 3,000
Papua/New Guinea     Bougainville 25,000 deaths
South Africa     truth and reconciliation  
Guatemala 1970-1994 Governm vs Mayan Indians indigenous rights 400,000
Georgia 1992-1995 Republic of Abkhazia vs South Ossetia/
Government of Georgia
relation with Russia,territory 2,500
Wars per Embargos
Country Time Period Parties Involved Issues Number Killed
Cuba Iraq/killed over 1milion people Libya Iran Serbia

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